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This vintage volume contains a report on the sea fisheries and fishing industries of the Thames Estuary, published by the Kent and Essex Sea Fisheries Committee in 1903. This report was commissioned ”to investigate the Fisheries, and recommend such steps as they may from time to time think best for their development.” This is a text that will appeal to those with an interest in the history and development of the fishing industry of the Thames Estuary, and it is one not to be missed by discerning collectors of related literature. The sections of this text include: Purport of Report; Thames Estuary and its Physical Formation; Leigh as a Fishery Station; Whales, Food-Fishes, Crustacea, Shell-Fish, &c.; Fishing Grounds of the Leighmen; Special Estuarine Fisheries; The Leigh Fisherman, et cetera. We are republishing this antiquarian volume now complete with a new introduction on the history of fishing.