Cruise Tags – Cruise Ship Luggage Etag Holder with Zip Seal & Steel Loops (4 pack) Price: $7.79 (as of 13/02/2022 03:50 PST- Details)

ZIP TOP SEAL – Protects your e-tags from rain or water and prevents them from falling out of the holder! Has a metal eyelet and comes with extra strong braided stainless steel metal loops so your tags never detach from your luggage. Say no to lost luggage or wet tags!
These cruise baggage tag holders measure 7.5 x 3.5 inches and are designed to fit PRINCESS, CARNIVAL, COSTA, HOLLAND AMERICA, P&O, and NORWEGIAN cruise line tags. Simply put your printed boarding pass inside the holder and screw on the steel loop.
HIGH QUALITY – Made from thick clear PVC plastic and 50% thicker than most other cruise tags. These tags are soft, flexible and durable. The stainless steel wire keychains also come with a nylon coating for greater longevity and strength.


PVC luggage tag holders with a seal at the top with stainless steel nylon coated metal wire loops.

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