Traction Cleat Rubber Spikes Anti Slip Crampons Slip-on Stretch Footwear (10 nail shoe cover, XL) Price: $10.89 (as of 13/02/2022 05:15 PST- Details)


How to use:
Carefully fasten the grabbers to your shoes, starting with the large sizes are required if wearing over winter footware.
We suggest that the grabbers are used only on snow or ice to prevent wear to the studs.
Always clean the grabbers with a dry cloth after using. Store the grabbers in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight.
Portable – Can be rolled up to fit into bags, purses and even pockets.
Quickly Mountable – Can be slipped over footwear in seconds.
High quality TPR rubber made it durable and stretchable to fit different shoes size. Grippers give you the great traction you need to stay on your feet. Great crampon for winter outdoor enthusiast, sportsman workers, hunters, hikers, ice fishermen, snowmobile farmer, construction workers, walking the dog or those shoveling snow, etc.
Portable: Folds up into the included draw-string bag, convenient, lightweight and easy to carry, suitable for all kinds of sport shoes, hiking shoes and mountain boots.